Monday, 5 July 2010

Thing 13 - Reflection

Welcome to Week 7 and Thing 13

Reflection week...

Well done for getting this far!

We're half way through 23 Things and it's time to stop and reflect on how it's all going. Reflection is very useful in helping you to take stock and, if neccesary, make some changes to what you are doing or how you are tackling something. It's important to evaluate what you've learnt and reflect on the individual component parts of the course and the course as a whole.


What you need to do

Take some time this week to look through all your blog posts so far and think about all the exploration you have done and the new things you may have learnt. Write a reflective post on this. There are some questions below to ask yourself that may help you to do this.

Questions to ask yourself when writing reflectively

1. And so what?
2. How have your skills/knowledge improved?
3. Have the 'Things' covered everything that you need to know, or think it relevant to know?
4. Have the activities suited your learning style? (If you're not sure what your learning style is you can complete a very short VARK questionnaire which gives an indication of your learning style. There are lots of other similar questionnaires on the internet)
5. Do you feel more competent and confident?
6. How can you apply this learning?
7. What would you do differently - and what might change about how you approach the next 12 Things?
8. Is there one (or more) Thing that you would be happy to recommend to a colleague? Why?

Further reading/Optional extras

Some reflections from the Oxford 23 Things blogs
To read is to voyage through time
Jane's 23 Things

Other blogs
Is it too late for blogging?
You might like to look at CILIP's 'The Conversation' - and especially the posts on qualifications and chartership. A lot of interesting reflection going on there........

Book to read
Watson, M. (2008) Building your portfolio: The CILIP guide. London: Facet.

Article to read
Sen, B.A. (2010) Reflective writing: a management skill, Library Management, 31 (1-2), pp. 79-93

Next time (next week) you'll be exploring LibraryThing...

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