Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A reminder about blogging...

It's great that so many enthusiastic bloggers have materialised as a result of the Cam23 programme and now that the programme is well underway, the Project Team thought that a gentle reminder about blogging would be appropriate.

As specified in the Frequently Asked Questions, every participant is expected to blog about EACH Thing (although separate posts are not necessarily required - it's fine to blog about more than one Thing in one post). These blog posts should include your evaluation of the Thing and screenshots or images where appropriate. N.B. posts along the lines of "Thing 3 = done" are not entering into the spirit of the programme!

We therefore ask that you look back at your blog posts so far to check:

a) Whether you need to expand on your evaluation so that others can share your knowledge.
b) You've added screenshots or images where necessary.
c) You've included a tag for EACH Thing.

Keep up the good work!

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