Monday, 28 June 2010

Thing 11 - Explore Slideshare

Welcome to Week 6, Thing 11!

After completing Thing 11...
You will have explored Slideshare and discovered its potential use within libraries. You will also have found some interesting PowerPoint presentations and shared these with other Cam23 participants via your blog.

What is Slideshare and is it relevant to libraries?
Slideshare is a tool you can use to share (publicly with the world or privately with colleagues) PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and PDFs. You can also add audio to your presentations to turn them into screencasts. A lot of librarians and libraries already use Slideshare so it's a great source of ideas, information and existing presentations. You can save time and effort by downloading existing presentations (remembering to cite the original source of course!) or just use it to find some inspiration for your own.

Let's explore Slideshare!
Click on the following links to see some library-related presentations:

Heriot-Watt University Library
OCLC Research

Phil Bradley
Andy Priestner

Take some time to look for other presentations or documents. Use the basic search box or the advanced search screen to search by keyword(s) (e.g. libraries, cambridge, social media). You can also browse by category (e.g. books).

Blog about Thing 11
Questions to consider when writing your blog post include:
* What are your thoughts about the tool?
* What particular benefits to your Library are there from using Slideshare?
* Did you find any interesting presentations that you would like to share?
* Did you find any other users from a Cambridge University or College library?
* Will you use Slideshare in the future?

In order to embed a presentation into your blog post you'll need the 'embed HTML' code. If you're using Blogger you can simply copy the code which appears in the top right corner of the screen (highlighted below). If your blog is in WordPress, click on the Wordpress icon (also highlighted) to view the HTML code you need.

Further reading
1. 'Slideshare Quick Tour - Summary of features & capabilities'
2. JISC's Digital Media 'Using Slideshare to share presentations'

Optional extras
1. Sign up for a Slideshare account and upload your own presentations.
2. Explore other free screencasting software e.g. Screentoaster and Jing.

Next time...
In Thing 12, you'll be looking at a social bookmarking service called Delicious.

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