Thursday, 19 August 2010

Stay of execution

Here at Cam23 HQ (there isn't actually a HQ but I very much like the idea of one!) the project team have decided that it would make sense to extend the completion deadline to 10am on Tuesday 31st August, so that those who need it can use the long weekend to complete the programme. We hope this helps those trying to catch up. We need to be strict about this end time so that the project team has time to check that everyone has blogged about each Thing before the certificates are created.

If you haven't done so already please sign up for the Closing Ceremony here and vote in the Red Carpet Blog Awards here.

N.B. Our FAQ page on this blog previously gave an incorrect end date of 20 August - apologies if you've been frantically aiming for that! Also I've heard that some of you are working towards a November closing date which I'm afraid is a new one on me. Can you please email me if this applies to you?

[Executioner mage: Roel Cancio]


  1. Yipee, I have to say that having a few extra days will help with blogging about all the things.

  2. Brilliant! Taking a holiday in July really put a spanner in the works and I've been struggling to catch up. Thanks so much for the extra time - I had almost given up on being able to finish the programme!

  3. I seem to remember some mention of November in some of the initial information, though I can't now track it down. I wasn't relying on it, though - I want to finish by the end of this month. Otherwise I never will.

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